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You may wonder: who is the biggest nerd in The Dresden Files?

Is it our titular hero, Harry? Is it that loveable geek, Butters? Is it maybe even that spirit who lives in a skull, Bob?

No, the answer is simple. It’s Malcolm, the single-father magician, who upon having a child apparently thought something along the lines of,

"I have a son.

I could name him after a magician.

I could name him after three magicians.”

(via monstersqueen)

some assorted reactions to Skin Game

29. June 2014

way later than is decent or allowable for a proper dresdenphile but what can i say i am a mess

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I was thinking we should have a party where we just sit around talking about how great Karrin Murphy is, but then I remembered that I’m already in permanent attendance at that party. I live there.

On a scale of “Harry Dresden fighting gruffs” to “Karrin Murphy in Ghost Story” how well are you dealing with stress?

let’s talk about Murphy and faith

27. May 2014

Mores specifically, Fidelacchius.

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"The Leanansidhe tilted her head back and let out a low laugh. ‘You are far from your sources of power here, my dear demon.’
‘I live with a wizard. I cheat.’"

Changes by Jim Butcher

Just a reminder that Mouse is scary fucking powerful and always knows exactly what he’s doing.

I need a Dresden Files tv reboot with Natalie Dormer playing Lara Raith.

jim butcher and his fucking foreshadowing though

22. May 2014

Spoilers through Changes 

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"A great deal of work needs to be done, and not all of it is repugnant to you. In fact, I should imagine that some of it would prove to be quite satisfying to your personal sense of right and wrong."

To hell with the poker face. I sneered at him. “Like what?”

"The Red Court is one example," Nicodemus said. “They’re large, well organized, dangerous to my plans, a plague upon mankind, and aesthetically repugnant. They’re parasites who are inconvenient in the short term, dangerous in the middle distance, and fatal to any long-range plan. They need to be destroyed at some point, in any case. I should have no objection to giving my assistance to you, and through you to the White Council in their efforts to do so.”

"Make the Council into cat’s-paws to wipe out the Red Court?" I asked.

"As if you have not been made into their tool on many occasions."

—Small Favor, Jim Butcher

Let’s take another moment to appreciate Kincaid, the guy who killed the human hosts of two literal fallen angels with a single bullet.