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You can call me Arrows or a4p; other people who let me ride on their zombie dinosaur call me Kate.

new hobby: while watching any kind of media that features sexy vampires, imagine that they are Red Court, and have horrible flabby bat creatures under their flesh masks. Do shots to maintain sanity.

  • Harry Dresden: "It's a metaphor..."
  • Toot-Toot: "I don't know what it's FOR!"
  • HA
"For food this good I’d marry Murphy just for her mom’s cooking on holidays."

Jim Butcher, Blood Rites.
That’s a damn fine actual ship you’re joking about, Harry.

Can we take a minute to appreciate Jared “They somehow got the idea I had a badge” Kincaid.

i think its time to listen to cold days again

8. April 2014


odin, rashid, lacuna, deamonreach, the Wild Hunt…if it had ferrovax it would be perfect

(read the dresden files, theres a wizard called harry and a cop called Murphy who fights trolls with her shotgun and a zombie t-rex and dragons and vampires and fae and the audio books are read by james masters and…)

I’m going through them all again before Skin Game comes out, on Death Masks right now and just got to Thomas as Ortega’s second.

Truly, there is good in the world.

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What I really really want is a version of the scene at Bianca’s party from Thomas Raith’s perspective. Or from Justine’s perspective, because seriously that girl is tougher than sharpened iron nails and velvet gloves.

(has this fic been written?)

From Thomas’ perspective that fic would involve a lot of him realising how very, very difficult protecting Harry is going to be.

It would be AMAZING.

I FOUND THEM. The links to my favorite Dresden Files fanmixes! I’ve listened to these a lot over the last few years (and you have to have an LJ login but jesus I finally found them):

Semiautomagic: general mix for Harry that really captures the spirit of the books and helps me stay up late at night. (generally spoiler-ish through Death Masks with a Fool Moon gag that makes me really happy)

Lips Stained by Hunger: Thomas Raith mix that is absolutely my jam. (spoilers through Turn Coat)

After the Fall: Changes spoilers, that’s all I’m saying. Buckets of tears.



If this show isn’t about a young Mortimer Lindquist then I don’t know what the point is.

zenosanalytic replied to your post “I’m on ambien and super sleepy but not asleep yet and just reflecting…”

I’m going to need to read the Dresden Files at some point, because every time you write about them these books sound very engaging :)

So the thing about the Dresden Files is, back when Jim Butcher was in a college creative writing class, he wanted to write high fantasy. The professor suggested he write something more like Anita Blake, and he was like “that’s a terrible idea it’s going to suck and I’ll write the most formulaic thing possible just to show you how much it sucks.” Only it didn’t suck, it was the first novel of the Dresden Files and it got published. Turns out that no matter how shitty the idea should be, Jim Butcher has phenomenal execution. (see Lost Roman Legion + Pokemon = Codex Alera)

Since then he’s become a better writer with every book and played more with the tropes, developed richer characterization, and basically