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This makes me so sad

My headcanon for the MCU-verse is the Frigga always wanted more children, but they only ever had Thor. Frigga smiled and pretended all was well, but there was always a secret longing for a child who was more like her. As much as she loved Thor, he was very much his father’s son and the golden child. He had no patience for magic and tricks.

And then her husband comes back from war with this infant, a child who could be a hostage against the Jotun, who could one day be useful, an ally on the throne of Jotunheim. But Frigga doesn’t see that. She sees a frightened baby, and takes him from Odin, and cradles him as if he’s her own, and the baby’s cries soften.

"He is a Jotun. You cannot forget that," Odin said, over and over, but Frigga only smiled and said, "No. He is my son."

Sure, I didn’t need those feels


*ugly sobbing with snot and fucking drool and everything*

Thor’s mother is actually Gaia, not Frigga.  Though I suppose movie canon could be different.

Are you sure? I think Gaia is limited to the Greek pantheon.

But the movie canon definitely twists a lot of things.







fangirl challenge: heartbreaking scenes [2/7] » ‘Can I come home?’

Could more people in the “pooooooooorrrrrrrrrr unloved Loki” camp rewatch this scene?

Not to mention how much Thor completely trusts and loves his brother that he doesn’t argue with him. He accepts his fate, even though it breaks his heart.

Yes.  And what I didn’t notice the first time is he says, “Couldn’t *we*”  like he still believes that he and Loki are on the same side.  He believes without a doubt, without hesitation that his brother isn’t stabbing him in the back.  More than that, Loki pulls the mom card.  “Sorry, Thor, MOM DOESN’T LOVE YOU ANY MORE.”

See, Loki is total catnip for me, but it’s not because I think he’s unloved - Thor and his mother both love him unconditionally and without pause. Nevertheless, having been raised to see ice giants as repulsive monsters, as The Enemy, and then discovering that HE IS ONE, Loki’s insecurity, his pain and anger and self-destructive spite are all totally understandable.

That doesn’t mean he’s an angel; he’s a hot mess - largely due to Odin being The Worst Dad Ever to both boys, sure, but he’s still responsible for his own decisions. It’s classic Shakespearean Tragic Hero stuff, though - his downfall coming from very human character flaws & vulnerabilities. (Okay, yes, and there’s more than a bit of Milton’s Lucifer too - but Loki wants to be loved and admired by Odin more than he craves power - the power’s just a substitute.)

NONE of which Loki sympathy leads to me disparaging or under appreciating Thor: If Loki is a classic Tragic Hero, Thor is a Questing Hero straight out of Joseph Campbell, earning his rite of passage. He does suffer and suffer at Loki’s hands. Hemsworth does a terrific job navigating this in the movies - Thor’s natural state is ebullient and hearty, but his exile and Loki’s treachery both wreck him.

…ultimately I see Loki’s plotline as the story of a cat adopted by a family of big, bouncy, barky dogs - a cat who has been raised to believe that cats are the enemy, and that his own lack of a deep bark, and failure to wag his tail, and his flexibility and penchant for stalking prey rather than bounding loudly towards it, are all proof that he’s a really inadequate dog. When he sets out to become a truly doggy dog, he has to do it using his feline methods because HE’S A GODDAMN CAT.

And, you know, cats are assholes, but I’m still helplessly fond of them. Doesn’t mean I have a heart of stone when faced by a sad puppy.

TL;DR: Thor’s careless arrogant asshole tendencies are the cause of his exile & suffering, and so he learns humility and stops being a careless arrogant asshole. Loki’s crisis is caused by the discovery that he’s a frost giant - and HE CAN’T CHANGE THAT. So he tries his absolute hardest to become the kind of Asgardian king Odin has taught him to aspire to being: ruthless and focused and strategic, a terrifyingly efficient monster.

Thor’s suffering teaches him to be a better person; Loki’s suffering pushes him to be a worse one. Both of them want to be worthy of Odin’s love and respect. IT KILLS ME HOW UNEXPECTEDLY CLEVER AND THOUGHTFUL AND WELL STRUCTURED THIS COMIC BOOK SUPERHERO MOVIE IS.

This is one of the best explanations of why I like Loki while still thinking he’s a villain that I’ve ever read.


You cheeky magnificent bastard.



my mom is telling me that i need to put loki upstairs because he is “ruining her christmas decorations”

like excuse you but


he is the most festive member of this household



#dis bitch

I don’t reblog much Loki stuff, but that was one of my favorite moments.  His face, you guys.




H8 THOR. I’m so done.

I would so drive this car.



H8 THOR. I’m so done.

I would so drive this car.






Let me know if ‘real power’ wants a magazine or something 

He already got one

((Fangirling way too hard!))


"I feel like Loki was probably deprived of slumber parties"








Hey guys?

Heat Exhaustion Symptoms

  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscle cramps
  • Nausea
  • Pale skin
  • Profuse sweating
  • Sunken, dark eyes from dehydration

Do I need to remind you what he looked like during this entire scene?


He’s sweaty, his blood circulation isn’t working well due to vasoconstriction (namely, look at how pale his lips are,) and he’s got dark, sunken in eyes.  Now we’ve got a point in which he trips and almost falls for some inexplicable reason.  Well, let me ask you this.

How do you torture a frost giant?

With heat.

Whedon wouldn’t just put in clips like this for no reason.  He’s trying to show us something.  The Loki we see here in this scene is not a healthy Loki, it’s a Loki who is weak and pale and probably focused on just staying conscious—a Loki who has probably been tortured by Thanos into submission and then sent out to do his dirty work for him, that way Thanos will never get the blame.  Loki is just the puppet in the grand master scheme of things.  Thanos is using him.

The Loki we see in Thor is radically different from the Loki we see in The Avengers.  Sure, post-Thor, Loki is emotionally unstable, and maybe a little nuts, but he wasn’t a murderer.  The only reason he went after Jotunheim is because he was having identity issues.  Murder wasn’t something that was normal in his repertoire, yet we see him doing it frequently in The Avengers. The Loki we see at the end of Thor doesn’t want to live, let alone take over an entire realm that he had no interest in before. Something drastic must have happened between the two movies to have made Loki have such a huge character change. 

It’s said that Thanos caught/rescued Loki after he fell from the Bifrost.  Well, what did he do after that?  Thanos is known for having telepathic powers, and since he had to have caught Loki knowing who he was and how strong he was, he likely broke into Loki’s mind to find out all of his fears and weaknesses.  And once he found out all of Loki’s darkest secrets, it was easy to break him.  He and the Chitauri took the Loki we saw in Thor and tortured and corrupted him until he was warped into their own personal demigod, ready to do their bidding.  Why do you think Loki spouts off all these quotes about how “Freedom is life’s great lie,” and “In the end, you will always kneel”?  He’s projecting. 

So, when he trips?  That’s the aftershocks of torture.  That’s a Loki, weakened and struggling to stay upright, pushing forward through the pain because, otherwise? 

“You will long for something as sweet as pain.” 

He has to keep going because the alternative isn’t a question.


my baby


How do you know that much about my past, you foolish creature? WHO are you?

And no one. No oneWill ever be able to convince me that the marks on his head in this gif;


were not scorch/burn marks. Especially weighing the fact this segment was directed by Joss Whedon.


You lying little shit.

Tom Hiddleston at the Marvel Panel, San Diego Comic Con 2013




Avengers assemble

Why the fuck is batman in there?

Four of those people are not actually Avengers.

Jarvis should count for at least half an Avenger.




Avengers assemble

Why the fuck is batman in there?

Four of those people are not actually Avengers.

Jarvis should count for at least half an Avenger.






Sad thing is in actual mythology this is very accurate. But loki does always fix the problem and usually the other gods got something good out of it in the end like magical weapons and tools, so really the other gods should stop bitching cuz when loki cleans up his messes they get free shit out of it.

so I was watching a Chinese black market copy of The Avengers with subtitles


and I cried because

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Yes this is good.