land of snow and glyphs

You can call me Arrows or a4p; other people who let me ride on their zombie dinosaur call me Kate.


The roses are bloody

The Violets are too

People have died


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My brother told me that today some meteorologist, from a news station we don’t watch, came to his school and the man had a resemblance to Moriarty(Andrew Scott). My brother apparently asked him if he was Moriarty, and the guy bent over and whispered to my brother,

“Get Sherlock.”

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  • Moriarty: I gave you my number, I thought you would call
  • My Cousin: Geez... this guy is SO creepy and so weird and SO scary
  • Me: I like him
  • My Cousin: .... THIS guy
  • Me: Yeah well....
  • My Cousin: This guy who killed an old blind lady for fun
  • Me: ..... he gets better once you get to know him

Andrew Scott should win a BAFTA for playing Moriarty.

20. February 2012



And then Moriarty should win a BAFTA for playing Richard Brook.

And then Richard Brook should get a BAFTA for playing Moriarty.

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