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You can call me Arrows or a4p; other people who let me ride on their zombie dinosaur call me Kate.


I’m suddenly nervous for the next two books.



Harry’s editor did the Ice Bucket Challenge! I think Harry enjoyed watching it a little too much.

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When the writers kill off a character in your OTP


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Been trying to get my friend into Jim Butcher for years

29. March 2013

He came into a lot of spare time recently and tonight he sends me this


He cleared out the Butcher shelf :D so proud

Reserved my copy of Cold Days today. Nope, no Amazon, I’m gonna walk right past that B&N anyway, I want it RIGHT THAT MOMENT.
This is going to hurt so much.

I finally found lights for Bobs eyes! I know they aren’t the right color, but it was that pink or blue. But I feel accomplished either way :)

Haha Bob doesn’t want to read Harry’s silly journals, he wants the good stuff from the grocery store bestseller shelf.

100 Days of Dresden A Cold Days Poem Day 2

20. August 2012



So on Monday I will part two of New Beginnings, but for now enjoy a poem from my good fried Wat about Cold Days.


By: Wat 

In the dark and quiet hearts
A nation made of many parts
Gathered all here do await
To know a certain wizard’s fate

Winter’s kiss, a deadly game
He will not emerge the same
Light the fire, burn it down
Harry Dresden comes to town

The words are written, newly sown
Cast into the great unknown
All we have left to us is wanting
The memories of a haunting

We stand as one, all together
To brave again the stormy weather
With reaching hands and eyes ablaze
To read, at last, of colder days

This really deserves a reblog, a Dresden Files poem!


A Dresden Files fandom poem! Come and get your feels right here.

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go go go go go go go go!

This man is my master.

I had a rough day, so James is going to read to me now.

Really, I’m finding the wait for Cold Days much more painful than the wait for Sherlock series 3, even if my dash is full of Sherlock all day every day.
Come on, Jim. I love the short stories but it’s been like nine months since the last book came out and I’m starting to feel the itch.