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and people forget that harry was a lonely child who lived in an abusive and neglectful household and somehow he managed to be cordial if not kind to people who looked up to him and needed him

he had less than snape coming into hogwarts he didn’t know about hogwarts, he didn’t know there were people like him, he didn’t even have A friend but he was still a basically good person

"can you imagine how much pain snape must have been in when he saw harry" so?

harry is a traumatised child who has been told all his life that he was worthless, that he was trash like his parents, that his parents must have done something to deserve their death, that the abuse rained daily upon him was kindness because he should not expect to be taken care of

he was an eleven year old child i don’t care how much he reminds you of someone you hated you don’t hurt eleven year old children as an adult, as a teacher, especially not ones who have had terrible childhoods to begin with.

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can we just take a moment to imagine little cute six-year-old hermione reading matilda

and peering into this book about a smart, bookish girl who could move things with her mind

and then can you imagine her concentrating very hard on the books on the bookshelf and slowly, slowly, getting them to move




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