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You can call me Arrows or a4p; other people who let me ride on their zombie dinosaur call me Kate.

So at the end of Terra Firma, when John tells Jack, “You take care of my home,” it’s a direct callback to his line in the last part of Look At The Princess when he tells the consul guy “You take care of my little girl.”

Now thejunglenook and I are both crying.

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John shares his lament with One-Eye during the search, and is promptly tazzed. One-Eye has no time for your maudlin maundering, John Crichton.

One-Eye has no time for anyone’s bullshit, least of all from the guy who got him into that situation, excuse you. You gotta understand that if you want to engage in dramatic maundering, the only DRD who’s gonna give you the time of day is 1812.

yeah chiana throws a great bachelor party for d’argo but John is stuck with Aeryn to throw the bachelor party for him and it’s all based on PK tradition where there has to be some ceremonial battle and John spends the whole night just lookng for beer

But there isn’t any beer, just like there isn’t any football, or golf, or chess, and Aeryn doesn’t actually give a shit; she’s just making this up as she goes because no one’s actually used that ceremony in centuries, and it’s fun to watch him suffer.

It involves a number of potentially fatal booby traps in several of the places he searches.

On Icarus Abides now, it’s gonna happen soon, Talyn!John and Aeryn are so happy that the clone is gone, I haven’t answered any questions and thejunglenook is going to KILL me.

Watching friends watch Farscape

26. October 2013

Thejunglenook: But what happens when the two Johns come back together? Do they only have one set of memories?
Me: …They both have equally valid memories.
Thejunglenook: Does one of them die?
Me: I’m not telling you what happens.
Thejunglenook: Ugh!
Me: *checks what’s next*
*it’s Daedalus Demands / Icarus Abides*
Me: (hahaha oh shit.)