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:-/ finally watched The Time of the Doctor (like 8 months late). IDK I didn’t cry at all. Tied some plot lines together, more cheap potshots at churches. I liked the kids. 

Better idea: Eccleston!

Reply-Reply to Arrowsforpens: Separamur a Procul, sed ab Furore Unimur u_u

28. June 2014


unfortunately there’s bullshit and then there’s BULLSHIT :-/

YES! This accurately sums up my feelings on the RTD vs Moffat debate 0_0 Basically, just… Fuck That Guy >:|

I thought about quantifying these feelings in that original reply-reply, but it ended up getting super-long and I decided I’d rather go for something short than subject everyone to a 1000+ word explanation of my affection for Eccleston’s acting talents, my hatred for Nationalism, misogyny, and patriarchy in media, and my severe dislike for over-grown manipulative man-children being portrayed as “Charming”. Thank you, a4p, for either 1)being psychic this morning or 2)Being an Awesome person with Awesomely Correct Opinions ^u^

(I Hope the latin I titled this with is at least close to right; it felt like the appropriately histrionic/humorous way to go, but it’s been awhile and I’m too lazy to break out the books and be serious about it |:p)

^_^ I’m glad I could sum it up so concisely. I miss Nine too, everything back then was just so excellent. What happened to “Coward, any day” since then? Bullshit, that’s what. Both the philosophy and the driving forces for that particular conflict ever since the 50th Anniversary—it feels like Moffat just wanted to unmake everything 9 was. Because that’s Darker and Edgier, or something? Regardless, bullshit.

(And as best I can tell, the Latin is good!)

Martha Jones: No Weapons, Just Words

11. June 2014

I care about Martha Jones a lot, and sometimes I have emotions about what RTD did to her arc, and then I have to talk about it a lot. So thank you to MQ for giving me an excuse >:D

Long post complete with screencaps coming up.

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zenosanalytic replied to your post “I think that Martha Jones becoming a UNIT bounty hunter after series 4…”

Particularly considering that she’s basically an international figure for her part in the resistance? Though to be fair, I stopped watching after that season and I’ve heard the Doc “reset” things so the deal with The Master never happened? Idk :/

Yeah, the Toclafane’s presence and rampant murdering of their distant ancestors caused an unstable paradox, and blah blah timey wimey tardis powers the Doctor reset the timeline to just before they arrived, so no one but Lucy, Martha, and Martha’s family remembered what she’d done. Which was a shame because that was a damn fine heroic journey.

I think that Martha Jones becoming a UNIT bounty hunter after series 4 was a waste of not only her medical expertise and legendary public speaking skills but also her entire narrative arc.