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You can call me Arrows or a4p; other people who let me ride on their zombie dinosaur call me Kate. I'm a writer who is very fond of puns, cats, and assorted other things including Homestuck, Farscape, and the Dresden Files. This is a personal / fandom / whatever I want blog, but you should be able to filter by tags.


i’ll trade you

If there was a body swap ability it would be very useful.

Also possibly the basis for some sort of dystopian novel. 


I just don’t like the idea of sitting on the sidelines when you might need my help." He frowned. "Hey. You’re doing this on purpose. You’re trying to keep me out of it to protect me, you… sneaky little bitch."
“It works out that way,” I said. “Think of it as payback for those painkillers.”
He grimaced at me, then nodded.
“And thank you,” I said quietly. “You were right. I needed the rest.”
“Of course I was right,” Thomas said. “You looked like you were about to pass out. You still don’t look great.”
“I’m hungry. Did you make those pancakes for breakfast, or are they only decorative?”
“Go ahead and mock,” Thomas said. He slapped a bunch of pancakes onto a plate and brought it over to the table with a plastic bottle of maple syrup. “Here. Happy birthday.”
I blinked at the pancakes and then up at him.
“I’d have gotten you a present, but…” He shrugged.
“No,” I said. “I mean, no, that’s okay. No one has remembered my birthday since Susan left town.” …
“Don’t make a big thing of it. I’m sort of surprised I remembered it myself.

Jim Butcher, Dead Beat

Happy Birthday, Harry!

Dear World

I want a recording of a GPS voice saying

Now entering Helsinki

to use as a text tone. This would make life infinitely better.

I’m not sure that this has been sufficiently emphasized.

I’m not sure that this has been sufficiently emphasized.