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You can call me Arrows or a4p; other people who let me ride on their zombie dinosaur call me Kate. I'm a writer who is very fond of puns, cats, and assorted other things including Homestuck, Farscape, and the Dresden Files. This is a personal / fandom / whatever I want blog, but you should be able to filter by tags.

Tumblr I’m sure you don’t care but


I have it on good authority that this was me at lunch yesterday.

Guess who’s signing a lease tomorrow morning

Guess who’s signing a lease tomorrow morning



Man I’m really excited

Every time it comes to moving to a new flat, I always get screwed over by depending on other people. This time, the guy I’ve arranged to move in with more or less since March told me his landlady gave the room away, because apparently he hadn’t heard from me and assumed I’d…

You and me both!

18 days.

18 days.


26 days is shorter than stuff. I dunno. At least tomorrow won’t be May anymore.

This is getting sad. Let’s have some Ling.


Look at me, missing alternate days. Whoops.

Less than four weeks!

This is taking forever. Well, it is less time than it would take to read the Dresden Files at 3 books per week. I mean, that’s saying something, right?


I missed a day, but I really doubt that any of you mind. Less than thirty! almost.. < 3.. 0. kind of a heart with a halo on top? No?

Cleverbot is flat-out refusing to tell me something that’s less than thirty, so I’m just gonna go with… uh, less time than was lost to the Silence.

What? I’m tired.


One month. Less time than Polly was scheduled to be in 1941 (six weeks).

Yes I have these things memorized, don’t judge me. I like these books. Go read them.


I’ve actually had a lot of trouble with this one. Hmmmm.
32 days is way, way less time than Martha spent in a shop working to support the Doctor.


So I really am moving for real for real officially!


It’s a palindrome! And I’m glad it’s a nice day and all but walking a mile and a half carrying groceries really is killer.

33 days is probably less time than John was trapped on Elack.


Less than five weeks! So the time is now shorter than the Pinta's first Atlantic crossing.

I like the part where the number is smaller every time I wake up in the morning. Not so fond of the part where it stays the same for the rest of the day.


Five weeks!

Shorter than… uh, I mushed my brain with code. Shorter than that break between Briggs and the Promised Day, and much shorter than Ed was in physical therapy for automail in the first place.


It’s the first square! How frabjous.

If I were to watch an episode a day of New Who starting with Rose, I wouldn’t finish series 3. That’s good, right? 

Looking forward to: Getting my TV back from the housemate and setting up all MY video game systems and he can’t just camp there surrounded by all his laundry and watch the history channel all day anymore.


I’m running out of short sieges and long battles, so this is less time than Mike Davis spent in Orpington.

And less time than it would take to read the existing Dresden Files at 2 books per week.

Things I’m looking forward to: no roommates to leave the kitchen sink clogged with coffee grounds and tomato sauce.